The importance of DC switch in PV system application

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Preface of 1500VDC

Since 2013, major PV module manufacturers have shifted their focus to the development of 1500V PV modules. At present, 1500V PV modules have been developed by Canadian, Trina and JA Solar etc. Huawei, Sungrow, and Surpass Sun are all developing Inverter of 1500VDC system voltage. It is reported that the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) introduced pilot standards of 1500V PV modules is bound to transition to a mandatory standard in the near future. Various industry sources indicate that 1500V will certainly be a new industry standard in the future. Relative to 1000V, system voltage of 1500V is a qualitative leap, it also means that PV modules and components must meet the much higher technical requirements and quality than existing standards claim.

The importance of DC switch in PV system application. And how to choose the DC Switch?

DC switch is an important protection device in the application of photovoltaic system, which directly affects the safe and reliable operation of the photovoltaic system. Thus affecting the stability of the entire photovoltaic power generation and revenue, especially in the DC 1500V photovoltaic system. To ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of photovoltaic systems, as well as safety maintenance system operation and maintenance installation and commissioning process, selecting a suitable DC switch is of vital importance.

Germany, the Netherlands etc. Highly recommend inverter manufacturers configure standard built-in DC switch for every inverter. The United Kingdom, India and Australia mandatory demand that PV system must be installed outside DC switch. With the clarity of the domestic photovoltaic policy, the new installation of photovoltaic power plants increased year by year. In particular, the current deployment of distributed photovoltaic systems, installation of individual households rooftop photovoltaic system will become more and more popular. At present, the so-called PV DC switch in the domestic market is mostly some AC switches or their improved products, which is not a DC switch with safety interrupter and high power cut-off function used in a photovoltaic system. These AC switches have a very low arc capacity, and the rated load cut-off power is far from enough, as a result, it will easily lead to overheating, leakage and sparks, even serious burning down the entire photovoltaic power plant. So choose the qualified PV DC switch will be crucial.
Technical Data Sheet:

Product Model  SM8-250HPV /DC1500V
Product Name Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Tripping Release type Thermal magnetic (Not adjustable)
Standard GB  14048.2,IEC/EN  60947-2
Pole 2
Application category A (PV-1)
Frame Current 250A
Rate operating Voltage Ue DC1500V
Rate Insulation Voltage Ui 1500V
Rate Inpact Volatge Uimp 12kV
Rate Current In 125/160/200/2505/250A
Breaking Capacity Type H
Rated limit short circuit breaking capacity 15kA
Run breaking capacity Ics 100%Icu
Protection function Long time delay Ir 1In
Instantaneous protection Ii 5In
Life mechanical 10000 times
Electric 2000 times
dimension(W/H/Deep) 135mm/200mm/86(noumenon)126mm(Handle)
Installation Type Fixed
Protection Grade Wiring Terminals:IP20/ All Side:IP40
Relative Humidity Less than 95% Under 40℃