Firefighter Safety Switch Factory
Our Firefighter Safety Switch Factory is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality switches designed to ensure enhanced safety for emergency response teams.
With advanced features and robust construction, our switches provide reliable disconnection of power sources during firefighting operations.
Trust our expertise in firefighter safety and choose our switches to enhance the protection of lives and property. Contact us today to
discover our range of firefighter safety switches and prioritize safety in critical situations.

SKS/SISOH will automatically switch to the OFF position. Since the SKS/SISOH is located close to the PV modules, the high voltage DC current from the
PV modules will be completely isolated, which leaves a safe situation for the firefighters when fighting a fire in the commercial or residential building.
PV Array Level Rapid Shutdown Switch
DC Fuse Test Center
  • Features and Benefits
  • Over-temperature protection (85°C)
  • IP66 aluminium enclosure
  • One, two, three or four string models available
  • Emergency shutdown button for rapid disconnect
  • Includes: AC connector, wall fixings and MC4 connectors
  • If a firefighter disconnects the AC power to the home, the switch will open the circuit and disconnect the DC power coming from the panels off the roof.


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