Suntree Tug-of-War Event Demonstrates Team Spirit and Unity

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Wenzhou, Zhejiang - November 18, 2023



Under the robust support of company leadership and the enthusiastic collaboration of various departments, Suntree recently concluded a distinctive staff tug-of-war competition. The event, which took place at the company's second factory playground on November 18, 2023, featured participants from diverse departments, all geared up for an engaging experience.



The competition adopted a group confrontation format, with each team consisting of 12 players engaging in a spirited 90-minute battle. Clad in a variety of work attire, eight teams displayed unwavering determination and enthusiasm, showcasing both remarkable team spirit and individual strength. Every participant wholeheartedly contributed to their team's success.



As the competition kicked off, the teams swiftly entered a state of intense rivalry. Players, sporting a spectrum of expressions from blushing determination to gritted teeth, gave their all to secure victory. The audience added to the fervor by cheering incessantly, injecting additional passion and vitality into the atmosphere.



Throughout the competition, teams exhibited exceptional camaraderie. Members encouraged and supported each other, with players at the rear demonstrating resilience despite limited strength, while those at the forefront resisted pressure, holding their ground until the end.



The infectious enthusiasm of the audience and the participants created a powerful energy, transforming the event into more than just a sports competition—it became a celebration of teamwork and mental fortitude.

Following a fierce battle, two standout teams emerged victorious, claiming the top three positions in the competition: the representative team of the Combination Box Workshop, the New Energy Division, and the Sixth Manufacturing Departments.

Beyond its physical benefits, the tug-of-war competition proved instrumental in enhancing staff morale, teamwork, and cohesion. The activity also served as a well-deserved break for employees, allowing them to relax and enjoy themselves after dedicated work.

Looking ahead, we hold firm in our belief that employees will continue fostering this spirit of unity and cooperation, contributing their strength to the ongoing development of the company. Let us collectively anticipate the future successes and glory that lie ahead for Suntree!



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