Successful Conclusion of the 2024 Suntree International Strategic Conference

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The 2024 Suntree International Strategy Conference recently concluded at the Jiangnan Intercontinental Hotel , marking two days of intense discussions and strategic planning for Suntree’s international development. The conference, attended by company executives, international partners, and sales staff, proved to be a significant platform for unveiling future plans and fostering cooperation prospects.


The organizers expressed sincere gratitude to all participants and hardworking staff members whose dedication ensured the success of the two-day event.



Mr.Owen Liu, CEO and Chairman, delivered an inspirational address, highlighting Suntree’s core values and innovative spirit. He delved into the profound meanings behind the company name "Suntree," representing innovation, efficiency, new energy, warm service, environmental consciousness, and sustainable development. Owen also unveiled plans for a groundbreaking new industrial park, emphasizing its automation, intelligence, information integration, and commitment to environmental sustainability. He urged future cooperation to maintain a keen insight, explore new frontiers, and create limitless possibilities.



The Technology Center's General Manager, Mr.Chuyang Xia, provided a detailed overview of upcoming product improvements, including the launch of an powering-storage integrated machine, research and development of high-voltage, high-current, and small-volume electronic components, new product series for EV chargers and special cables, enhancements to the international certification system, and carbon footprint and carbon label certification of products.



Mr. Kevin Wang, Sales Directors of International Trade, presented an insightful exposition on Suntree’s international market layout for 2024. He emphasized a customer-centric approach, market understanding through various means, expanding market share, meeting customer needs, and building Suntree's international brand image. A new distributor policy was also introduced to strengthen the international sales network.



During the round table session, participants engaged in active discussions and exchanged insights on specific issues related to international cooperation and future development strategies. International customers had the opportunity to visit the factory, expressing great interest in Suntree’s intelligent systems, high-voltage components, and customized combiner boxes.



Ms. Lisa, our dedicated agent in Vietnam, enthusiastically attests to the exceptional services provided by Suntree since our collaboration. The company consistently delivers top-notch and responsive support, encompassing technical assistance for grid-connected systems, off-grid systems, and energy storage systems. Suntree’s unwavering commitment to quality has garnered significant recognition among users, enabling us to successfully expand our market share at a rapid pace. Ms. Lisa emphasizes the invaluable role of Suntree as our trusted partner and expresses the hope that the company will persist in maintaining the current high standards of both customer service and products.



In addition to the serious deliberations, the conference incorporated a relaxed End-Year and a day tour, allowing participants to immerse themselves in Suntree's enthusiasm and culture.



Participants concluded the event by expressing anticipation for future meetings and gratitude for the depth of understanding gained regarding Suntree's future development strategy. The conference not only deepened mutual understanding but also laid a robust foundation for future collaborations. The success of the 2024 Suntree International Strategic Conference reinforces Suntree's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global growth.

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