2023 Suntree End-Year Ceremony

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On January 14, 2024, Suntree Electric Group Co., LTD. 's annual event - Suntree Group End-Year Ceremony was successfully held in Xinxinya Hotel. The theme of the annual conference is "Chasing the future", which aims to review the achievements of the past year and look forward to the future development blueprint.



First of all, we would like to extend our warmest welcome and deepest thanks to all the guests attending this ceremony. Mr. Hu Xiaochi, Director of the town Economic Development Office, Mr. Chen Touche, Deputy director of the Liushi Branch of the Market Supervision Bureau and other leaders attended, their arrival gave us great support and encouragement. At the same time, we would also like to thank the excellent supplier representatives, partners and friends, members of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce, as well as international customers and partners (South Africa, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, etc.) for their participation, which makes the annual conference more international and diversified.



In addition, we would like to express our special thanks to all the summies, whose hard work and dedication have made today's Suntree Group.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Li Shaohua, general manager of Suntree Electric Group Co., Ltd. delivered a warm speech. He first summarized the efforts of the past year and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the guests attending this festival. Subsequently, he looked forward to the future development blueprint of Suntree , plans in the New Year, Suntree will have a new industrial park, innovative products, and is committed to creating a green factory by building up the sustainability and carbon system, in order to achieve high quality, high efficiency and low cost goals.



Immediately afterwards, Mr. Owen Liu, chairman of the board, also delivered a speech. He reviewed the development of Suntree in the past 17 years, and said that Suntree is not only a product, but also a brand. In the future, Suntree will conduct independent research and development of high-voltage AC-DC application environment products to further enhance the company's core competitiveness. At the same time, he stressed the strength of a team, saying that only united, can go further. He also quoted the famous saying "one person can go fast, but a team can go further", encouraging all employees to continue to work hard and make progress together in the New Year.



In the course of the ceremony, there are also wonderful performances and exciting lucky draws. The opening show of the new energy department, the lion dance, lit up the atmosphere of the scene, and the following dance programs were more for the audience to feast their eyes. The 16 round lottery link is a lot of benefits, mobile phones, computers, cash, electric motorcycles and other rich prizes so that the scene exclaimed constantly, pushing the atmosphere of the annual meeting to one climax after another.



In addition, awards were presented to outstanding clients during the annual meeting. These customer representatives thanked Suntree for its support and cooperation all the time, and sent their best wishes. They hope that in the future, Suntree can continue to maintain this enthusiasm and creativity, and continue to promote the development of the company.


In general, the End-Year Ceremony of Suntree Group was successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere. Through this meeting, we not only reviewed the achievements and progress of the past year, but also looked forward to the future development blueprint and goals. In the New Year, we believe that Suntree Group will continue to maintain innovation and vitality, and continue to promote the development of the company. We look forward to working together with all partners and customers to create a better future!


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