DC Molded Case Circuit Breakers 1000V

DC Molded Case Circuit Breakers 1000V

• Labyrinth arc extinguisher Prevent the spread of arcs in current surges.

• Built-in double row moving contacts Increase the arc voltage.

• Easy to install accessories Realize multiple protections(excitation, auxiliary, alarm etc.)

• Base is made of DMC material VO flame retardant.

• International CertificationTUV、CE、CB. 


Product model SM8-250HPV/2/2P 1000V
Product name PV DC MCCB
Rated service voltage Ue DC1000V 1200V
Rated insulation voltage Ui 1500V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 12kV
Numbers of poles 2
Trip type Thermal magnetic(thermal magnetic non adjustable) TMD fixed
Manufacturing standards GB14048.2,IEC/EN 60947-2
Use category A(PV-1)
Current shell frame In 250A
Rated service current le 100/250/1 60/200/225/250A
Breaking type H
Ultimate short circuit breaking capacity Icu Ue1500v 15kA
Rated service short-circuit breaking capacity lcs 75%ICU
Curent setting Ir 1In
Instantaneous short circuit protection LiMechanical life 6In (Min 1000A)
Mechanical life 10000Times
Electrical life 2000Times
Overall dimensions L×W×H 90×200×86mm
Installation mode Fixed
Ingress protection Wiring terminal:lP20/all sides:IP40
Relative humidity Not more than 95% at +50C
With wiring polarity requirements or not NO
Class of pollution Level 3
Service temperature -40℃-+75℃
Operation indications ON/OFF indication
Whether the trip is adjustable ON
Electrical accessories Option: shunt/auxiliary/alarm (note: only one set of auxiliary, alarm and
shunt can be installed on the left and right side) 2P only on the left side
lsolating function Yes

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