SUNTREE Leading the Way with PV + Energy Storage + Charging Solutions at GREEN EXPO 2023

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Mexico, September 5-7 - The GREEN EXPO 2023 in Mexico once again took center stage in the global renewable energy industry, drawing leading companies and innovators from around the world. At Booth 816, SUNTREE showcased a range of exceptional products, including PV modules, energy storage protection components, and electric vehicle chargers, offering tailored "PV + energy storage + charging" solutions designed specifically for the Mexican market. This initiative directly aligns with local renewable energy policies and the pursuit of sustainable energy development.



The Mexican government has been unwavering in its promotion of renewable energy, with a clear goal to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. SUNTREE's "PV + Energy Storage + Charging" solution is fully aligned with these objectives. As SUNTREE advances the frontier of clean energy, it prioritizes electrical safety and fosters innovation. In this vein, SUNTREE has introduced a Rapid Shutdown Device engineered to enhance safety by swiftly cutting off or isolating power during emergencies. This crucially minimizes the risk of electrical hazards for firefighters, first responders, and maintenance personnel. Primarily used in solar installations, this device can be remotely or manually activated through a control box, ensuring prompt and efficient power shutdown when necessary, safeguarding both the main circuit and the solar panel. Additionally, SUNTREE's inclusion of other DC PV group components in the system significantly elevates safety measures, guaranteeing the secure and dependable transmission of current to end-users.



Complementing energy storage solutions, SUNTREE taps into the full potential of photovoltaic systems. The ability to store solar energy during the day and supply power at night or during adverse weather conditions effectively addresses the intermittency inherent in solar power generation, thereby bolstering energy reliability. Moreover, the deployment of residential chargers ensures that end-users can charge electric vehicles with peace of mind, maximizing the utilization of clean energy generated by photovoltaic systems. Electric vehicle chargers find applications not only in residential settings but are also experiencing surging demand in commercial spaces such as parking lots. SUNTREE is actively at the forefront of charging infrastructure development, offering a range of DC and AC charging equipment with power ratings ranging from 3.5 kW to 180 kW, catering to diverse user needs. These solutions establish a robust foundation for electric mobility in Mexico, mitigating electricity demand fluctuations while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions.



SUNTREE remains steadfast in its commitment to contributing to a sustainable energy future in Mexico. Its products not only excel in performance but also adhere to the most stringent safety standards, ensuring the reliable operation of photovoltaic systems and electric vehicle charging networks. SUNTREE eagerly anticipates collaborating with more partners to advance the cause of renewable energy development, with the ultimate aim of constructing a cleaner, greener future.