SHAN Water-proof Lighting Box




It's waterproof,dustproof,acidproof,alkaliproot,impact resistance,anti-explosion,anti-ultraviolet,insulation and non-conducting. Widely used at these severe environment like outdoor docks,ports,outdoor distribution system,communication,mechanical equipment,chemical industry.oil and etc. The standard color is RAL 7035,and the rating of the sealing box is IP65,both ABS and PC material are available. If made by ABS,the sealing box can only be made into smooth surface without preliminary punching holes,suitable for indoors,it has good resistibility to certain chemical substances such as strong cleaner in the chemical plant.PC material is fiber glassed reinforced,the box body is strengthened.suitable for severe condition and outdoor application,temperature is from-50°C to +120°C ,with good anti-UV performance. The color of the lid is grey or transparent,and the material of lid is PC.



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