DC Surge Protectors 3P

DC Surge Protectors 3P

• Quickly dissipate heat and reduce the service temperature

• Plug-in clips, Easy module replacement

• Flash Barrier, Prevent arc propagation in current impact

• Use a suitable electrical insulator to keep a 10mm min.safety distance from 
   the PV-SPD and other grounfed parts in the housing

• The green and red visual indicator flags show the module protective status 
   (green = good, red = replace)

• Features visual indication and optional remote contact signaling
   (floating changeover contact) 

•  Feature a combined disconnection

• Short-circuiting (shunting) device with safe electrical isolation to Prevent fire damage due to DC arcs.


Product Model SUP2H1-PV
Max. cntinuous operating volage (Ue) 1000VDC 1200VDC
Max. discharge curent (max) (8/20u s) 20、40KA
Protection level (In) Up 3.6kV 40kV
Service temperature -40℃~+70℃
Relative humidity ≤95% (25℃)
Installation mode 35mm standard guide rail
Window indication Normakt green; Failure: Red
Ingress protection IP20
Numbers of poles 3P
Leakage 0.75u ImA (uA) ≤20

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