Main function


When a surge overvoltage occurs in the circuit due to a lightning strike or other reasons,the protector will be turned on immediately within nanoseconds, and the surge overvoltage will be introduced into the ground to protect the electrical equipment on the grid





Suitable for circuits below 1500VDC
cabinet/combiner box/photovoltaic system



Installation diagram


S UP 2 - PV / DC1500V X
Enterprise code Surge
protector device
Design Number   PV code
DC dedicated
  Maximum accommodating
Rated operational current: DC1500V Remote sensing



Advantages and certification


Chip internal protection mechanism Metal buckle
Temperature control capability protection circuit,
built-in thermal protection mechanism
Easy to installl and disassemble
PBT flame retardant shell lnternational certificate
Flame retardant rating of V-0 CE、TUV





Model SUP2-PV
Maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc) 1500VDC
Maximum discharge current (Imax) (8/20u s) 40KA
Protection level (In) Up 5.0kV
Working temperature -40℃~+70°℃
Relative humidity ≤95%(25C)
lnstallation method 35mm standard rail
Window indication Normal time: green; failure time: red
Protection level IP20
Poles 3P
Leakage 0.75u lmA (uA) ≤20



lnstallation mode




Installation dimensions



lnstallation Precautions


The normal range of ambient air humidity is not higher than +40°℃, not lower than -25℃, and the relative humidity is not higher than 95%
The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000 meters
Pollution level 3
ln a non-explosive medium, and there is no gas and dust (including conductive dust)
that can corrode metals and damage insulation in the medium
Wiring resistance
Grounding copper bar

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