LW30 rotary switches repersent the most advanced rotary switches byWenzhou Changjiang Electrical Appliance Factory.We currently have six models, current rating up to 100A, suitable for wide variety of applications.series LW30 series rotary switches have six current ratings: 20A, 32A, 40A, 63A, 80A and 100A. LW30 series has the fingerproof terminals, which offered an extra advantage. LW30 series switches has Larger insulation distance,quick disconnecting response. And is a good choice For DC circuits. LW30 series rotary switches comply with: GB/T 14048.3, and IEC 60947-3.

Working conditions

1) Ambient temperature Do Not exceed 40 , and the average temperature, measured over a period of 24 hours, Do Not exceed
35 .
2) Ambient temperature Do Not less than -5 .
3) Should Not be installed above 2000m above sea level.
4) A clean environment was required.
Current type
Number of main contact
Mechanism Life


1. Classified by utilization
2. Classified by defending level
: 50Hz AC
: ON or OFF
: 10000 times/AC-23, 6000 times/AC-3
:1 time/2 minutes
1) AC-23A
2) AC-3
1)Without plastic box: IP2L0
2)With plastic box: IP65