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Junction Box

SUNTREE has workd closely with solar system manufacturers and through coordinated neserch and development,has produced revolutionary new dc circurit breaker,dc isolator swithc,dc fuse which,combined with its range of surge protective devices,offer complete protection for PV systems

STQ3 Water-proof Junction Box

It is made of materials such as ABS and PC,etc.elegant external shape,
high firmness. Combined body and cover are fixed with four plastic screws that are difficult to fall off.
Its specification and size can be designed based on the customer requirements. Economic and affordable.
Net weight only accounts for the iron box of about 1/4,
to facilitate handling and corrosion,good insulation.

SJK Junction Box

SJK Series junction boxse are made in puncture-resistance high-strength engineering plastics,
which has features of waterproof, dampproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion.
This superior engineering material meets the high requirements of industrial distributing system,
such as all insulation,IP rating as high as IP65,anti-corrosion,anti-heat,
maintenance free,flame retardant,self-extinction,light weight and etc.
The long-terme economic benefit is higher than normal metal distribution boxes.