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SUNTREE has workd closely with solar system manufacturers and through coordinated neserch and development,has produced revolutionary new dc circurit breaker,dc isolator swithc,dc fuse which,combined with its range of surge protective devices,offer complete protection for PV systems

SUP2H-PV Series Surge Protector

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Suntree/
Model Number: SSPD
color: RED
type: SUP2H-PV
Electricity Type: DC
Certificate: IEC,ROHS,ISO,CE
Price: Competitive prices

SUP2H1-PV Surge Protective Device

These prewired solutions consist of a base and locking modules that feature a combined disconnection
(SPD) (with three step DC switching device) features visual indication and
optional remote contact signaling (floating changeover contact) for use in
PV systems. These complete surge protective devices are suitable for all PV
systems in accordance with IEC 60364-7-712. Includes a five year limited warranty.