SL7N-125D DC Circuit Breaker



Main function


SL7N-125D with overload delay protection, short circuit instantaneous protection, provide short-circuit protection,overload protection from the 1500VDC.





Widely used in DC panel, DC distribution cabinet, DC combiner box, energy storage, photovoltaic, wind power station distribution box system, communication distribution box protection system, and can also be used for infrequent on-off conversion of lines under normal conditions.



Model and significance


S L7N 125 D
Enterprise code Design Number Case grade rated current High voltage





Multi-gate interrupter Vent design

The arc extinguishing chamber adopts a multi-grid
arc extinguishingchamber, and each pole is equipped
with 2 arc extinguishing chambers to enhance the
arc extinguishing capacity.

New design of vent holes,
arc out of gas more smoothly
Static contact PA66 flame retardant material
The static contact arc ignition design is more conducive to the
arc entering the arc extinguishing chamber
flame retardant rating of V-2





Products name PV DC MCB
Pole 3
Rated operational voltage(Ue) DC1500V
Rated insulation voltage(Ui) 1500V
Rated impulse withstand voltage(Uimp) 8kV
Case grade rated current(In) 125A
Rated operational current(In) 6A/10A/16A/20A/25A/32A
Rated ultimate short circuit breaking capacity(lcu) 5kA/1500V
Running breaking capacity(lcs) 5kA/1500v
Mechanical life 10000
Electrical life 2000
Dimension(W×H×D) 80.4×65.5×82mm
lnstallation din
Relative humidity +50℃ not more than 95%
Wiring polarity requirements NO
Working temperature -40°℃-+75℃



Test requirements: DC power supply.
Current: According to 14048.2,1.05Ln 1n does not work, 1.3Ln 1n works, if the temperature change of double gold can be measured.
The length and area of the wire are in accordance with the standard.
Measure the temperature rise of the terminal and compare the change in temperature rise.
Test 3 each.



Wiring diagram







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