Suntree will attend "MARCH EXPO"

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Suntree will attend "MARCH EXPO", which is officially held by Alibaba and is one of the biggest purchase activity for all buyers ever. The activity time starts from 5th to 31th Mach, 2018. Only "KA enterprise"(have a very good reputation on alibaba online transaction) can attend the "MARCH EXPO", and in the field of electricity industry, including SUNTREE there are total 30 companies can join in Wenzhou city.
Have been in market for 10 years, Suntree specialize in providing one -stop service solution for solar generating systems, main products are DC CIRCUIT BREAKER, DC SPD, DC ISOLATOR SWITCH, DC FUSE, DC COMBINER BOX, which approved CE,TUV,SAA, IEC certificates.
Suntree always adhere to offering 24 hour hotline service and solve problems on line for our customers. During the "MARCH EXPO" activity, Suntree prepared special tailored gifts for our customers who place orders, such as tool kit, customized album, "shanghai story’branded silk scarf.
Choose SUNTREE products, bring safe electricity usage to your loved ones. Welcome to contact with us any time!