Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Suntree
  • Model Number: SQ3W-63
  • Max. Current: 63A
  • Max. Voltage: AC 220V
  • Type No.:: SQ3W ATS
  • Rated Current:: 6A~63A
  • Rated Voltage:: AC 400V
  • Intelligent Controller voltage:: AC220V, AC11OV
  • Certificate:: IEC, CCC, CE
  • Circuit breaker type:: DZ47
  • Warranty:: 2 years
  • Mode:: Manual and Auto operation
  • Logo:: Suntree & OEM
  • Pole No.:: 2P, 3P,4P


SQ3W-63 2P Automatic Transfer Switch
1. 6A-63, 2P,3P,4P
3.Auto &Manual operation
4: Patent Products

SQ3W-63 Automatic Transfer Switch, Passed IEC, CCC, CE Certificate

General structure for  SQ3W-63 Automatic Transfer Switch
A: SQ3W-63 automatic transfer switch uses DZ47 miniature circuit breaker (improved type) as the actating element, is equipped with the new type control mechanism.
B: It also has the functions like the fire control and power generation, and it is specially usded in the important power supply locations where the power failure is not allowed.
C: SQ3W automatic transfer switch is mainly made up of power transfer actuating breaker ( including normal power actuating breaker QN and Reverve power actuating breaker QR, one for each), automatic controller, electric operating mechanism and so on. wherein, the circuit breaker QN and QR retains the original over-current protection and short-circuit protection.

Operation for SQ3W generator automatic transfer switch
A: When the Q3W automatic transfer switch adopt the manual operation mode, and the handle is rotated clockwise to the the terminal, thus, the reserve power actuating breaker QR is switched off.  On the contrary, when the handle is rotated CCW to the terminal, the reserve power actuating breaker QR is switch on.
B: The panel power indicating lamp (yellow) indicates the working voltage of automatic controller, if the lamp is not brightened, this means the working power of automatic controller has the failure, and the switch should not be operated, After it is recovered, the manual/auto button should be set to the automatic position
C: If the normal power is in the normal state, the normal power actuating breaker QN will be in the On state, then the panel N power indicating lamp (green) is brightened. If the normal power is abnormal, the normal power actuating breaker QN wil be in the off state, and reserve power actuating breaker QR will be in the ON state, then the panel R power indicating lamp (green) is brightened.