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Limit Switch

SUNTREE has workd closely with solar system manufacturers and through coordinated neserch and development,has produced revolutionary new dc circurit breaker,dc isolator swithc,dc fuse which,combined with its range of surge protective devices,offer complete protection for PV systems

D4N Limit Switch

Lineup includes three contact models with 2NC/1NO and 3NC
contact forms in addition to the previous contact forms 1NC/
1NO, and 2NC. Models with MBB contacts are also available.

LXK3 Limit Switch

The product is to serve at such control circuit as AC50-60Hz,
voltage of 380V AC or 220V DC and current of 10A to automatically control machine tool,
limit movement and action of drive mechanism and control program.
The normal working conditions include an ambient temperature of -25 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ ,
an ambient relative humidity of 90%, an altitude of 2000m and protection degree ofIP65.
It complies with the standard of IEC337-1 and GB14048.5-93
and is certified CCC with number of 20020103005130.