SUP1 Surge Protective Device


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  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland), China for surge protection lightning arrestor
  • Brand Name: SUNTREE, SUNTREE
  • Model Number: SUP1-30 surge protection lightning arrestor, SUP1-30 surge protection lightning arrestor
  • Guarantee period: surge protection lightning arrestor for 2 years.
  • Professional manufacture: 10 year
  • Type: surge protection lightning arrestor
  • Poles Number: 4 poles surge protection lightning arrestor
  • Surge Protective Device: surge protection lightning arrestor
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SUP1-30 Series Surge Protection Device 
  • SUP1-30 surge protection lightning arrestor, protect against lightning surge voltages in solar system(photovoltaic power supply system).
  • These units must be installed in parallel on the DC networks to be protected and provide common and different modes protection. Its installed location are recommended at both ends of the DC power supply line (solar panel side and inverter/converter side), only if the line routing is external and long.
  • High energy MOVs of surge protection lightning arrestor equipped with specific thermal disconnectors and related failure indicators.









  • Class II / Type2/ C surge protection lightning arrestor
  • Visible fault indication - Green on: Normal; Green off: Fault. -For using in the lightning protection zones concept at boundary 2-3.
  • One-One correspondence reliable screening to ensure reliability. -Lower voltage protection level Up. 
  • Protection mode of Photovoltaic System 1000Vdc Surge Protector : L1, L2, L3-N, N-PE  surge protection lightning arrestor.





  • High discharge capacity thanks to powerful zinc oxide varistors / spark gaps
  •  Low protection level, quick response
  •  Reliable control thanks to Thermo Dynamic Control disconnector with dual monitoring
  • Fault indication by red mark in the inspection window
  •  Slim design (modular construction) according to DIN 43880 spd lightning surge arrester
  • Multifunctional terminals of lightning protection system for connecting conductors and busbars
  •  Encapsulated, non-extinguishing zinc oxide varistor arrester for use in distributor housings spd lightning surge arrester
  •  Complete prewired unit for common system configurations, consisting of a base part and plug-in protection modules
  •  Plug-in arrester with dynamic separating device
  •  Application: Equipotential bonding (LPZ 1 to 2) and device protection in main and sub-distributors, 2P 48V DC module smart surge protector/ surge protection lightning arrestor.






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