SW1 series intelligent breaker is applicable in the distribution network of AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 400V and 690V, and rated current from 630A~3200A, to distribute electric energy protection circuit and prevent power equipments from harm of overload, under-voltage, short circuit and single-phase earthing etc. Provided with intelligent protecting function and precise selective protection, breaker can enhance the dependability of power supply and avoid the unexpected power cut. This product accords with the standard of IEC60947-2.

Model designation

Working and installation condition

1,Installation mode: fixed type, drawable type.
2,Operation mode: motor operated, manually operated(for serving).
3,Pole number: three pole, four pole.
5,Release type: intelligent type over-current controller, under-voltage instantaneous(or time-delay) operation release: shunt release.
5,The properties of intelligent type over-current controller:
a. Long time delay over-current protection inverse time limit, short time delay over-current protection inverse time limit, short time delay
over current protection fixed time limit, instantaneous.
b. Single-phase earthing protection function.
c. Presenting function: setting current Ir, action current, setting time, action time.
d. Alarming function: overload alarming
e. Self-checking function: over-heat protection, microcomputer self diagnosing
f. Testing function
g. Load monitoring function
h. Thermal simulation function
i. MCR function
j. Fault memory function

Ambient Temperature:

a. Temperature: 40 ≥ T ≥ 5℃ average value for 24 hours ≤ 35℃
Note: working condition of minimum temperature is -10 ℃ or -25℃ , users must declare while ordering;
working condition of maximum temperature exceed 40℃ or minimum temperature under -25℃ , the users should consult with our factory.
b. Altitude: 2000m.
c. Air relative humidity: 50%, when the max temperature is 40 ℃ And can be more while the temperature is lower, monthly average temperature in the most humid month 25℃ , monthly average maximum relative humidity 90%.
d. Pollution grade:3.
e. Installation type: the type of circuit breaker, main circuit, under-voltage tripping coil and supply transformer is IV, the type of other
ancillary circuit, controlling circuit is .
f. Installation condition: installation of circuit breaker shall accord to the instruction, and the vertical gradient of installation place should not exceed 5°.