Dc isolating switch waterproof bus-box

Dc isolating switch waterproof bus-box



SISO-40/S (customization acceptable )






SISO-40/F, SISO-40/M, SISO-40/MF. SISO-40/S DC isolating switch waterproof bus-box is suitable for photovoltaic system.The rated voltage Ue:DC1500V, The rated current le:40A and below, as the wiring device in the system. it has the function of confluence to ensure the orderly connection of photovoltaic modules.The confluence box can confluence the photovoltaic series electric energy, and then form a complete photovoltaic and wind power generation system through the controller and inverter, so as to realize the grid connection it can also application in off-grid, energy storage system and maintenance function.It can match DC circuit breaker. fuse. surge protector. MC4 connector • M25 waterproof connector and photovoltaic cable connector.(IP66) protection performance. with super waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics;lt can perfectly meet the needs of safe electricity consumption in the harsh outdoor environment such as rain, dust. freezing and strong ultraviolet rays.This Product are widely used in smelting. chemical, electric power. electronics. airports. railways, construction sites. mines. quarries. water supply and drainage treatment plants. automobile manufacturing and port, wharf, shopping malls, hotels etc. 




Standard:GB/T 14048.2 GB/T 14048.1/3 GB/T18802.1
The international standard:IEC/EN60947-2 AS/NZS IEC60947.3 IEC61643-31





• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
• The installation type:suitable for vertical or horizontal use
• The environment temperature:-40'C +70'C, The average value within 24h does not exceed 40°C
• The allitude:No more than 2000 m 
• Pollution levels:Level 3
• Install the category: Ill Class
• Storage and transportalion:The ambient limit temperature is -25'C - +60'C.
   the air relative humidity is not more than 95% when the temperature is 25°C. 
   and the height of free fall is not more than 50mm; ln the process of transportation.
   it shall not be subjected to strong jolt. vibration and bump, 
   and shall be protected from rain and snow.
• Notice:AII connector used in must be IP65 waterproof or above protection level
  (except indoor or installation without protection requirements).





When closed, the handle is just placed on the upper end of the transparent cover, which limits the flip of the transparent cover, and the padlock hole is designed on the handle to add a padlock, so as to ensure the personal safety of users ( Only break off the load first, and then split the switch "effectively cut off" the DC isolator, to open the transparent open cover and the components and switches in the transparent cover). Clear marks are provided at the opening and closing locations for easy operation; 


• IP Rating: IP66
• Waterproof box resistance strength grade: IK10
• Rated voltage:Under Ue=DC1200V
• Rated insulation voltage: Ui=DC1500V
• Rated current: ln=16A, ln=25A, ln=32A, ln=40A
• Rated working current: le=6A ..... le=55A
• Rated shock withstand voltage: Uimp=8kV
• Rated short time tolerance current: lcw=1.0kA(1s) 
• Rated short circuit capacity: lcm=1.7kA
• Rated short circuit current: lcn=3kA
• Mechanical life:10000 times
• Overvoltage Category: III
• Utilization Category: DC-PV1, DC-PV2(DC-21 B)


DC Isolating Switch Waterproof Bus-box Model SISO-40/F SISO-40/M SISO-40/S SISO-40/FM Customised
Waterproof Box Material PC/Polvcarhonate
Waterproof Protection Grade IP 66
Waterproof Box Resistance Strength Grade IK10
Pole/String 5
Size of Photovoltaic Cable connection 4mm2-6m m2
Match Power Generation System Capacity 2
installation Vertical installation
DC Isolating Switch/DC Disconnector
Voltage Ue=DC1200V  Ue=DC1000V  and bellow
Current le=6A. ....l e=55A
Pole 4P
String 2 1 1 1 1-2
Certification CE CB SAA TUV
DC Surge Arrestor
Voltage Ue=DC1500V  Ue=DC1200V  Ue=DC 1000V  and bellow
Maximum instantaneous discharge current ln=20KA/40KA
Pole 2P 3P
Certification CE TUV
DC Circuit Breaker
Voltage Ue=DC 1200V Ue=DC 1000V and bellow
Current ln=6A  ln=10A  ln=16A  ln=20A  ln=25A  ln=32A  ln=40A  ln=S0A  ln=63A
Pole 1P 2P 3P 4P
Auxiliary Us: DC12V  DC24V  DC48V  AC230V/415V  1A-2A  MX+OF
Certification CE CB TUV SAA
DC Fuse
Voltage Ue=DC1100V
Current ln=1A  ln=3A  ln=5A  ln=6A  ln=10A  ln=16A  ln=20A  ln=25A  ln=30A
Specification 10*38mm
Certification CB CE TUV