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Dc Isolating Switch

SUNTREE has workd closely with solar system manufacturers and through coordinated neserch and development,has produced revolutionary new dc circurit breaker,dc isolator swithc,dc fuse which,combined with its range of surge protective devices,offer complete protection for PV systems

Main Switch for DIN Rail Mounting

■ DIN roil mounting
■ Extremely short power shut off time of approx. 3ms
■ 2 poles and 4 poles available
■ IEC60947.3 standard
■ DC21 B: 16A, 25A and 32A up to 1500V DC

SISO-40 DC isolator switch

This product passed IEC authorized Lob IP66 waterproof testing.
Also our compony will lake simulation tests irregularly, similar to customer's using environment,
to make sure this product completely conforms to IP66 protection grade