Dc Isolating Switch

China Suntree Electric production’s solar dc isolator switch,Dc Isolating Switch,DC Isolator Switch,dc isolator for solar and other products with leading technical level in this field.

Main Switch for DIN Rail Mounting

■ DIN roil mounting ■ Extremely short power shut off time of approx. 3ms ■ 2 poles and 4 poles available ■ IEC60947.3 standard ■ DC21 B: 16A, 25A and 32A up to 1500V DC
Dc isolating switch waterproof bus-box

Dc isolating switch waterproof bus-box

SISO-40/F, SISO-40/M, SISO-40/MF. SISO-40/S DC isolating switch waterproof bus-box is suitable for photovoltaic system.The rated voltage Ue:DC1500V, The rated current le:40A and below, as the wiring device in the system.
SISO-40 DC isolator switch

SISO-40 DC isolator switch

This product passed IEC authorized Lob IP66 waterproof testing. Also our company will lake simulation tests irregularly, similar to customer's using environment, to make sure this product completely conforms to IP66 protection grade


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