SM8-630HPV Molded Case Circuit Breaker

SM8-630HPV Molded Case Circuit Breaker



Main function


With overload delay protection, short circuit instantaneous protection, used to distribute electric energy, protect circuit and the power supply equipment from the danger of overload,short circuit etc.





Suitable for circuits below 1500VDC
cabinet/combiner box/photovoltaic system



Model and significance


SM8 - 630 H / PV DC1500V 630
Product code
  case grade:630 Breaking capacity:
  Pv code:
DC dedicated
Rated working voltage:
Rated working current:
100 / 125 / 160 / 200 / 225 / 250 / 400 / 500 / 630A



Auxiliary contact specifications


AX - 630PV
Attachment code   Case grade code



Alarm contact specifications:L630PV


AX - 630PV
Attachment code   Case grade code



Shunt release specification


Attachment code Case grade code Accessory installation location:
installation right
Control voltage:
DC24V / AC230V / AC400V



Advantages and certification


Labyrinth arc extinguisher Built-in double row moving contacts Easy to install accessories
Prevent the spread of arcs in current surges lncrease the arc voltage Realize multiple protections
(excitation, auxiliary, alarm etc.)
Base is made of DMC material 630A frame size with arc shield lnternational Certification
v0 flame retardant Effectively isolate the external arc TUV、CE、CB



The role of installation accessories






Model SM8-250HPV /31500V SM8-630HPV / 4 1500V
Product name PV DC MCCB PV DC MCCB
Rated operational voltage DC1500V DC1500V
Nominal insulation voltage 1500V 1500V
Rated impulse voltage 12kV 12kV
Pole 3 4
Type of release Thermal magnetic type (thermal magnetic not adjustable)
Executive standard GB14048.2, IEC / EN 60947-2
Use category A (PV-1)
Case grade current 250A 630A
Rated operational current 100/125/160/200/225/250A 400/500/630A
Breaking capacity H
Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity Ue1500v 15kA Ue1500v 30kA
Ue1500v 30kA
Operation breaking capacity Ue1500v 15kA Ue1500v 30kA
Ue1500v 30kA
Long delay protection 1 In
lnstantaneous protection 6ln ( Min1000A )
Mechanical life 10000times
Electrical life 2000times
Dimensions 135×200 x 86mm Type H:310×240×155mm
Type G:350×240×155mm
Installation method Fixed Fixed
Protection level Wiring port: lP20 / all sides: IP40  
Relative humidity +50°C not more than 95%  
Whether there are wiring polarity requirements No
Pollution level Level 3
Operating temperature -40°℃ -+75°℃
Operation instructions With ON / OFF indication
Whether the release is adjustable No
Electrical accessories Optional: shunt/auxiliary/alarm
(note: only one set can be installed on the left and right sides of auxiliary, alarm and shunt)
2P only on the left
lsolation function yes



Dimensions and wiring





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